User Experience Researcher & Designer


ArtCenter IxD Studio
14 Weeks
Research, Data Collector

Project Brief:

In this graduate transdisciplinary course, students research and explore emerging topics in technology, culture, global politics, and/or emerging science, developed through department's research interests. The student work that results may take a variety of forms. Students learn: form to questions in design; approach design as a critical investigation; structure their time and working process; document and articulate project contexts / concepts in presentation, exhibition, and web formats; work reflexively.

Positioning Statement:

I used a PerceptionNeuron Suit to track my body movements while pulling weeds to collect motion data and experience gardening through a new perspective, resulting in a visual abstraction of me gardening

Weed Pulling:

I began collecting my data by going out to my garden and pulling out a dozen weeds by hand. No additional assistance, just me wearing gloves and the perception neuron suit.

Below are individual photos of each bundle of weeds I pulled, numbered to match location and color coded ‘red’ for ‘bad pull’ and ‘green’ for ‘good pull’.

Motion Collection:

Next, shown here is each motion of each weed being pulled that was tracked by the perception neuron suit.


Simulated Views:

I tracked the trail of my right hand that was pulling the weed to create a visualization of the motion and was able to see what an entire gardening experience looks like. I was also mindful of my position and location throughout the entire gardening experience as well. Using this data I was able to see what its like to be able to see my entire gardening experience at once.

Being able to see myself gardening at the same time was insightful when I consider how successful I want to be regarding my own weed pulling and general gardening movements.