As an Interaction Designer, I immerse myself in research - reading, interviewing, futurecasting, funneling data and findings into mind maps. With these insights, I hand-craft the user experience allowing the user to feel safe and included. I am an advocate for those left ignored.


A Place Called Home x ArtCenter College of Design

A Place Called Home Campus
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Machine Learning, Coding

My Classroom Session Topics

A Place Called Home is an organization in south central Los Angeles that was created shortly after the ’92 riots to help rebuild the community and offer a safe place for children and their families. We’ve been inspired by these students who are excited to learn about User Experience. By the second day, attendance had tripled!

Working off of the prior curiculum I developed in the Inner-City Arts session, I adjusted the classroom topics and activities to work for a younger demographic, developed the following workshops and taught the classes.

Session 1: Introduction to Interaction Design; students learned the basics of what UX and UI Design comprise of and went on a campus-wide scavenger hunt to discover everyday examples of UX interactions

Session 2: Machine Learning; students learned about the basics of how machine learning algorithms work and used Google’s Teachable Machine website to create their own machine learning algorithms

Session 3: Intro to Code; students learned an introduction to how Javacript coding works with the help of the Micro:bit - a pocket sized computer - and created a variety of imagery and sounds

Session 4: Guest Speaker; another Alumni came to guest speak and discuss UX methodologies at their job at JPL

Session 5: Code Continuation; students continue their introductory coding work using the Micro:bits and create a final project using them (micro:bit guitars and steo counters)

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