As an Interaction Designer, I immerse myself in research - reading, interviewing, futurecasting, funneling data and findings into mind maps. With these insights, I hand-craft the user experience allowing the user to feel safe and included. I am an advocate for those left ignored.


Inner-City Arts x ArtCenter College of Design

Inner-City Arts Campus
 #UX #Research #Figma #Personas
Interaction Design, Prototyping

My Classroom Session Topics

Inner-City Arts is an investment in the youth of Los Angeles and provides access to the arts and the endless possibilities they offer. Creating a bridge between the studio ands the classroom, Inner-City Arts’ unique approach to arts education measurably improves academic and personal outcomes for children and youth, including those students with Limited English Proficiency who are at risk of academic failure.

I developed my own curiculum for the students in the structure of an ArtCenter College of Design syllabus, challenging the high schoolers to do college-level workshops and classroom sessions. From there, I led a class of 8 - 10 students through a variety of ux methodologies, research, and a final project.
Week 1: Introduction; Introduction to Interaction Design

Week 2: Discover; Introduction to Double Diamond & Mind Mapping Brainstorming

Week 3-5: Define; Introduction to User Personas & Workshop, Surveys and Interviews, Introduction to User Journey Map & User Scenarios, 

Week 6-8: Develop; User Scenario Workshop and Figma Workshop, Figma Wireframing and Prototyping, Wireframe / Prototype / Presentation Workshopping

Week 9-10: Deliver; Final Presentations & Field Trip

2024 Elizabeth Costa